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June 24, 2009



the illustrations are very familiar. we had this book growing up that was basically a kid's version of an opera- about an old man who has a beautiful doll that he keeps in the window. a young man falls in love with her and tries to steal her away, and then finds out that she's only a doll. very strange and sad story, but the illustrations were gorgeous, and look like they could be the same dude.

the book was called cordelia, or something? some cool woman's name...


update!: the book in question is called "coppelia," and is apparently based on a ballet, not an opera. and it's described as a "comedy," which makes no sense to me, but nevermind. tried to find some illustrations on the interwebs, but no luck.
also- you never told me which book these pics are from. ahem.


Hi Kerr,

Thanks for the comments, I love them. I put a link to the book at the bottom of the post. Let's go see that ballet together!

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