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July 07, 2009



those macaroons are huge! i like the paintings- again reminding me of drawings from a book i loved as a kid. this one was about a poor girl who only owned one blue dress, but she told everyone at school that she had 50 dresses, in every hue and texture. and shoes to match. i can't remember if she was ever found out but MAN that was a sad book. i think it was called "madeline's 50 dresses" or some such. anyways: i like the paintings.

on a completely unrelated note: have you ever seen "la strada?" if not, please do so immediately.


holy cats! apparently it's called "100 dresses" and madeline is the mean girl who makes fun of wanda's lone blue dress but anyway, check it:


i'm gonna wish list this sucker on amazon right now.


Am happy you like the paintings, Kerri. I never knew this much about your childhood reading material before (wait...I did now that I think about it. I'm sure other books of our youth have come up in conversation over the years) but who knew the blog would remind you of books from the past? Yay. I always remember you & your sibs read a lot when you were little, didn't watch the tele.

The macarons do indeed seem that way! It's how close I took the photo. The pink & beige ones were 1 inch across. Lemons flatter. I love how macs turn out subtly different depending on day & place. Some flake apart, some are chewy. The same flavor will be a pale version one day, other days saturated w/color. The middles are creamy sometimes, the next time they are fruit preserves. A bubbly dome on top, or flat. Do you make macs? Yours would be the best.

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