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August 12, 2009



great video!

Lili Fugit

free because they are yours. could i bear to give peaches away? i would preserve them, but then that would be selfish unless i gave some preserves away.

we have a bajillion tomatos growing both inside and outside our fence, and they are all green, and they will probably all ripen at once. we are stocking up on feta cheese.


Beautiful blog you have here, lady. I can't wait to visit again. xo


hi heather-

this is susan from persephone vintage! thanks for your message and the silhouette really did match the shadows on your magazine pages. it's great that you notice the subtle little things. i do when it comes to vintage clothes now but not when it comes to things in the outside world! when i was a student (studying poetry), i'd notice everything beautiful everywhere, anywhere. it's great that you have that!

anyway- thanks for the great message. and i'll definitely be adding your blog to my list of regulars.

i love this entry, also! have you seen annakim violet's home pictured in the selby?


i particularly love the middle photo 3 rows down. my work room is filled with clothes but i wish it looked as beautiful!

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