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September 02, 2009



snails are so cute!

Lili Fugit

That is a very cool snail in the garden-- it almost reminds me of a sea creature. The snails in SoCal are duller colored and their shells are more upright. I haven't seen any snails in the Midwest, though what are the odds they haven't discovered a place with a snail-like pace?

The magazine reminds me of a big art/fashion magazine that lasted for only about a year and a half, it was expensive, it was huge and not glossy. This was in the early nineties on the West Coast. There was a time you could come across these cool publications frequently in this country, and now it seems like you have to search for them, with a pick axe and shovel. Anyway, I think you are on to something, about the Snail and the Mirror.


the gigantor snails in the magazine remind me of the snail in the neverending story. the one that the strange fellow in the purple top hat rode like a horse. he was, in fact, a "racing snail." the rock biter was concerned that the snail wouldn't be able to keep up, but was instantly set straight on that account.
man i love that movie.
which leads me to: who thinks snails are gross? them suckers are beauts. i bet they were fibonacci's favorites...


I love little snail friends! Wonderful post.


I really enjoyed reading this post! Those photos by Mr. Walker are amazing!!! Thanks a lot for your Etsy convo! It really made me happy! :)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! xo


Lovely Heather! It's so kind of you to leave such a sweet comment in my blog! :) Thank you so much!

I wish you a lovely week xo

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