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September 10, 2009


Lili Fugit

The title of this post combined with the title of the blog makes me think there should be a lurid dime novel cover featuring a peacock smoking a cigarette as two shapely peahens strut by together wearing lots of black eyeliner and bobbysox. And perhaps something like: "In a world that didn't understand them, they did the only thing they could do! They RAN!"

We had peacocks all over the place in Los Angeles. I got up one morning and blearily went to the kitchen for coffee, and looked out the french doors, and there on our patio was a peacock, glaring at our since-departed dog. Our dog was just watching it, clearly telepathically sending the message that the moment he got out that door, well, ya better hope those feathers are good for something besides lookin' pretty, buster! And oh, they were. It flew right onto the roof of the patio, then flew into the cypress tree, then flew into the next door neighbor's yard.

We'd get them repeatedly in the spring and then around the end of summer. They have a wicked scream. They were used to guard harems, and I think consequently I look upon them as traitors to the female sex. But they are beautiful, and associated with Goddesses such as Hera and Erzulie and Oshun.

In an unrelated note, we used to get egrets too. My Vietnamese friend used to say they reminded her of home. My dog felt the same way about them as he felt about the peacocks. I never had a camera on hand when I needed one.

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