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October 21, 2009


Lili Fugit

Someone said once that the reason some humans hate wolves so much is that wolves are the dogs that refused to become tame. They did not come to the fire or decide to make nice in exchange for food. They stayed self sufficient and they stayed distrusting of our species.

As a wild woman, I relate to this. I'm not tame either. This is why only a very select few males like my kind, and the rest want to exterminate my kind (in their heart of hearts. A burn the witch kind of thing). I think it's a control issue, combined with fear. Wolves are fearsome. But they sure ain't bad like humans are.


Working in reverse, distracted by wolves, I love that dress. I can see why it makes you think of wolves. It's slinky in an easy and unforced way. It looks very textural and luxurious. And it looks like something you could slip into at a moment's notice and lope off comfortably in.


I love that dress but I would definitely want it to be at least six inches longer if not more. As I get older I prefer the skim the knee look to the mini.
Beautiful colour too.

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