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December 06, 2009



Oh you are too sweet. I LOVE the fieldguided blog, so I thank you for putting names to links and whatnot! This online community is so vast, I always love learning where the intersections and connections are.

ah, yes! I was wondering - the 95 version is so beautiful. I didn't realize there was a Mary Pickford version, though - my friend just painted her portrait. It's a Pickford-a-palooza, I must go find that film and watch it with her!

Now, wasn't there another version in the 80s, maybe a made-for-TV movie? Because I seem to remember watching some version of this a kiddo - but maybe I made it up; I definitely read the book (many times!) and I could just be remembering my own imagination.

Happy Monday to you and your own little princess. Enjoy your beautiful winter wonderland - I am wishing and wishing and wishing for snow here in Seattle!


Dear Sarah, She is one of the most incredible little girls I've ever taken care of and she stays with me a lot, but she is not my own little princess (I guess I could still call her that and my bro wouldn't mind). She's one of my nieces. It's amazing that she looks and acts just like a mini-me... it’s almost embarrassing to say I love a mini me! But I would love her even if she were nothing like myself.

Two days ago she went to meet Santa Claus, and he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she simply said “toys.” When he asked if any particular toy, she said she wanted a doll. She said her mommy wanted sneakers from him. Omg so cute. Then the way she said “bye, Santa” in her little voice just melted me. Then she had some fresh squeezed apple juice. It's so cool having kids around at Christmas-time.



first- as i'm catching up on your blog after being remiss for months- i almost had a heart attack when i saw this post because i thought the prize you were giving away was that "prizes prizes prizes!" painting which you know i love, and which was my desktop background until my f'ing computer blew up last summer. so i was so relieved to learn i didn't lose out on a contest to win that baby.

secondly- have i read "a little princess?" only about six million times. i was obsessed with that book. the little-beggar-girl-who-isn't-a-beggar. and molly, the girl outside the bakery to whom sara gave nearly all her hot cross buns (even though "she could've eaten'em all herself, she could"), and milchesidec, the mouse named after a french revolutionary, and sara's days in the scullery. and her doll, "the last doll," and the tiger rug she used to lie on and talk to. the part that always made me cry was the assistant teacher who, at the end, when it was discovered that sara was rich, says "she was always a little princess. and you knew it, and you hated her for it." gob. jaysus i loved that book. but i stayed away from the movie, mainly because in the atrocious shirley temple version THE FATHER COMES BACK ALIVE. however, the stills from this version look decidedly more promising. perhaps i'll check it out. as for the secret garden- yeesh. i never liked that book. i just remember the girl being described as "sallow," and her parents being dead from cholera.

and finally, during last year's road trip with becky, we stopped in a town called ocean springs, MS, which boasted not only the best donut i've ever had, but an awesome antique shop run by the only two gay men for miles, from whom i bought a VERY strange piece of original art (a doctored photograph of the artist's niece, i think), and a pearl collar necklace almost exactely like the one photographed here. complete with the sweat stains of being 80 years old. it's so beautiful. we should play dress-up together one day.

ok. i think i'm done. love you!


Dear Kerri,

I love you too. Whoa, that was the longest comment I've ever received. Hope people realize you're one of my real life best friends and not a random nut from the web. Folks, if you're reading all this, Kerri is a super intelligent, lovely, funny girl, and has a tendency to speak to me in comments the way she'd speak to me in person, apparently. She's also an amazing caterer in Denver if you ever need one.

My pearl necklace is flawless!


Oh Heather, I love the book A Little Princess SO MUCH that I was afraid to see the movie... and then I forgot about it. Seriously, this is one kid's book I still read every ten years or so. I think it remains so compelling because it speaks to the little orphan in all of us who has been treated unfairly, seen as a little Nothing when inside we are full of high thoughts and great imagination. Now I am going to make myself cry... (-; But anyhow, now I am excited to see the film, thank you for the reminder!

Heather to all

From me (heather), to all o' you-

One of the THOUSAND reasons I love Vladimir Nabokov is that he compares books to paintings. For example- he once said: "Turning one's novel into a movie script is rather like making a series of sketches for a painting that has long ago been finished and framed."

Many respectable friends of mine rave about this particular book, "A Little Princess." I know it's a kid's book, but it touches people even more as adults than it did when we were kids. And it's probably no shame you didn't see the film, guys. 9 times of 10, a book trumps a movie. That isn't a newsflash, nor is it intended as a criticism of Hollywood. Simply stems from reading countless grand books and never feeling AS impressed by the film versions.

Sasha, am so happy you came over to My Summer of Love today. You're very dear to me. Oh Sa; I need you this eve! Wish you were right here w/me. My heart is all a flutter this week.


flutter by, butterfly..... a glimpse perhaps, on this blog, of what makes your heart race so????

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