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December 10, 2009


Ian(watching, waiting, anticipating. As always)

I always find that winter for me brings hope of a better year ahead however great the closing one was. Hope springs eternal even under the shroud of snow and ice so I know everything is going to come to life and be reborn to reign again.

Lili Fugit

It is a truism: get a gal drunk on hot toddys, and it doesn't matter if you're wearing a bright yellow raincoat over a suit while trudging over the frozen tundra on skis. You'll probably still get lucky.


I owe you a proper response to your nice long email, but as the quarter's just about up, I hope you'll excuse me for a few days while I write my seminar papers first. But I DID have to pop in to say that medieval studies have been some of my favorites, too! Such a fascinating period, and I really think that late 20th/early 21st C. American culture is VERY medieval.


Thanks, you fine triumverate!

Ian, those pjs and brekkies are doing wonders for your heart and soul.

Lili, haha. Love to ya.

Sarah, I love that you were into your scholarly studies of the middle ages too. Why am I not surprised? Clever girl. By the way, you've already given me more than I imagined and I appreciate it all. No rush to write lots during exams and holidays, but always good to hear from you. I'm wishing you great luck.

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