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November 28, 2009



wow, heather, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I thought I'd come over and return the favour and have a look around - do you mind if I enter for your giveaway? This sweater is so pretty and it's my size! =)


wow this is an awesome giveaway! that sweater is beautiful! i have heard nothing but great things about this movie, i will have to see it!



This is a great giveaway. I love the sweater - it is beautiful. I've heard great things about the movie but have not yet seen it. Will be first in my rental lineup :)

tesorojewelry at hotmail dot com


this is a gorgeous sweater, you are right... if i EVER wore a sweater (it happens about three times a year, mainly while gardening) i would compete mightily for it... but someone else deserves it more than i! speaking of gardening... thank for for tending the tiny sprout of my new blog, and giving it so much love and attention. it means the world to me. (-; Sa

helene magnusson

Was wondering , wandering who Plum, Prune, Plómur, was...


The sweater is really lovely. It would be cozy for the Canadian winter.

How's the movie? Somehow I missed seeing it when it was in theatres.

I loved the book when I was little.

Your blog is neat!


Hi , I would love to enter your giveaway . This is a beautiful sweater and so neat that it looks like max's sweater in the movie .

Thank you for doing this giveaway !


Amiga, I loved the sweater, and your idea is great.
Your blog is lovely!
It feels nice to read it :)
I really enjoy it, and off course I want the sweater!

love, Cati


That is an awesome sweater- it's actually rather uncanny that you found a sweater that looks so much like Max's. I haven't watched the movie yet, but I loved the book as a kid :)


Dear Heather,
Thank you so, so, so much for your comment.
The way you described how you felt after the film was exactly the way I was hoping to make the viewer feel.
Your blog is so wonderful!
I'd love to win that beautiful sweater. I saw Where The Wild Things Are yesterday and loved it. It was the first book I ever read when I was small.

Ian from England

I'm guessing it wouldn't fit me as I've got a 40" chest. lol


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