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January 22, 2010


Ian(On the corner of main street Just trying to keep it in line )

I like a nice girl in a nice dress. These days jeans and trousers seem to be in vogue for girls which is a pity.


"Bupkus"?!?!? Oh my god, i think your bupkus is pure gold. you are a bit of a comic, you know! Hee hee! Well, from what I have seen of you, there COULD be a Drew resemblance, and isn't that a great thing? She is the very best kind of pretty, because her kind heart shines out of her eyes. I thought she NAILED IT in Grey Gardens, btw, best performance of her career (I've missed quite a few films, but still I feel justified in making this proclamation!) Oddly enough, one of my best friends got the lead role in Firestarter originally, but then by the time the production red tape got untangled, she was a bit too old for the part. I always think of that moment as the one where her life split off into Drew's.... and would her story have been the same, with a drug-addled youth leading to this Golden Globe the other day? NOW I'm giving you some real BUPKUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha!!!!!!


wherever life takes you, i'd like you to make one promise- to both yourself, and the heavenly spirits:


that is all.

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