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January 08, 2010



I miss you too Heather. Even when I don't write I am always reading your blog...

Ian(snowed in)

In my own opinion the picture of the girl blowing smoke would look better in black and white or sepia tone.



AJ, Good to see you. Hope we can have some lobster or tea this summer in Victoria. Lobster tea? Ew. That doesn't sound right. I'm loving the stuffed owl you made so long ago- now more than ever, bc I give it to my niece when she sleeps over. She's into owls like her aunt. I feel lucky to have it since it's very realistic looking compared to your other stuff. Seems like you stopped making things of that nature the past year. I'm glad you're experimental though. The other night I was up at 3 a.m., and all was silent except for an owl hoo hooing outside my window. Sounded beautiful.

Ian- aw, you dug out of the snow just for me. Thank you. I'll be sure to let the photographer know your thoughts ;) I prefer the colors in these, but you could be right, they might look rad in b&w or sepia versions. Perhaps I like pinkish hues because I'm too much of a girl for my own good. The color in these photos makes me think of nectar, which conjures up a lovely sense memory for me.


oh! I can't believe I never mentioned how much I like these dip-dyes! I like the colour, personally!

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