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January 28, 2010




thank you for bringing beauty to my life. it is like i look through a window and see you there. never doubt that your blog is a gift to the world!

(oh! the gift... and oh! your pushpins.)




yeah, that painting is rad. reminds me of this truly bizarre book we had as kids that was like the illustrated "story" of how euclidian math was invented. or was it logic? i don't remember. the book was not good. anyways, the "heroine" of this tale was a wolf named hippoxanthia or something, and she had the same pointy, red-nippled teats as our girl here. i remember being prudishly shocked at the images, which is probably why i don't remember much of the book's contents, and might explain why i'm so horrible at math.

all of which is to say, i prefer THESE teats.

and i covet those lights.

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